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Welcome and Thank You for visiting the Cell Phones For Soldiers Resource Center.
Here you can find tools to help you promote your efforts, set up a collection or a donation site, and more.
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Collection Box

For the most economical collection campaign, use any box and affix this artwork. To achieve the biggest impact, we encourage you to decorate it with patriotic colors or flags. The official Cell Phones For Soldiers collection box also is available for use. To print this box, you will need to use a printer that has the capability to print on card stock.

Box Label

Box Label (Editable)

Official CPFS Box

Fliers and Posters

Print these useful fliers and posters to let people know your organization serves as an official drop-off location. Grab attention with the oversized poster. The oversized poster can be printed at copy shops or office supply stores.

Flier 1

Flier 2


Website Graphics

Add these graphics and banner ads to promote your collection campaign! Logos are legal entities and should not be distorted in any way, including resizing, stretching, or using in parts. Please link all logos and banner ads to:

Four Color Logo

One Color Logo

Black and White Logo

Web Banner Vertical

Web Banner Horizontal

Web Banner Square

Banners/Table Drapes

Use these banners at events or fundraisers to show your support for Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Banner Horizontal (3' x 6')

Banner Vertical (6' x 3')

Table Drape Full Color (6' x 6')

Table Drape Blue (6' x 6')

Envelope Stuffer

Envelope Stuffer to be used with mailings. Print both front and back.

Envelope Stuffer (Front)

Envelope Stuffer (Back)

Donation Receipt

It is up to each donor to declare the value of her/his donation. If you have made a donation to Cell Phones For Soldiers, please download and print off a donation receipt to keep for your records. (If you are an official drop-off site, you may provide a blank donation receipt form to each donor).

Donation Receipt

Battery Disclosure

Due to federal shipping regulations, you must print a battery warning label for each package. Affix one label to the outside of each box.

Lithium Ion Battery Disclosure

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All graphics and documents contained herein are copyright ©2009-2020 Cell Phones For Soldiers. All rights are reserved. By downloading any of these documents or graphics, you agree to use them in conjunction with Cell Phones For Soldiers recycling drives only. By downloading these documents and graphics you confirm that you will not use them for fraudulent purposes. In using these documents and graphics, you agree that the phones and other items collected will be sent only to Cell Phones For Soldiers. Any other use, copying, bartering or sale of this material is strictly prohibited. Use at your own risk: no warranty is provided regarding the usability, accuracy or suitability of any of these files.

Self-Paid Label

Thank you for taking the extra step to cover shipping costs for your donated devices! Not only is your device donation tax-deductible, so are the shipping costs. 

Simply click and print this preaddressed label and follow the shipping instructions below:

1. Count the number of donated phones for your records.

2. Place the phones flat across the bottom of the box and layer them with newspaper or bubblewrap to avoid damage.

3. Keep batteries attached to phones. If there is no battery, place tape over terminal ends.

4. Due to federal shipping regulations, you must print a battery warning label for each package. Click here to print. Affix one label to the outside of each box. 

5. You must affix (USPS) or a prepay waybill (UPS, FedEx, DHL) in order for your package to reach us.

5. You will not receive an e-mail confirmation when your package arrives. Click here to print a donation receipt.