Donate iPads, Tablets & Phone Chargers to Support Our Troops

In today’s digital age, staying connected is crucial for our military personnel. At Cell Phones for Soldiers, we’re committed to supporting our troops by accepting donations of iPads, tablets, phone chargers, and MP3 players.

What We Recycle:

  • We accept any and all cell phones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, MP3 players, and chargers, regardless of their condition. Accessories like cases are also appreciated.

What We Don’t Recycle:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept laptops, computers, or cellphone/tablet accessories not in their original packaging.

Your donations make a real difference in the lives of our service members. Continue reading to learn more about how your donations support our troops and how you can get involved in this worthy cause.

Can You Donate Old iPads? Absolutely!

Many wonder about the fate of their old iPads and tablets once they’ve upgraded to newer models. The good news is that these devices can find a meaningful second life by supporting our mission of Cell Phones for Soldiers. Your old iPads and tablets can make a significant impact by providing communication tools for active-duty military members.

When you donate old tablets, you’re not only giving them a purpose beyond your own use but also contributing to the well-being of those who serve our country. These devices help soldiers stay connected with their families and loved ones, even when they’re far from home.

Can I Donate Tablets That Are No Longer Working?

Curious about whether you can donate iPads that aren’t functional anymore? We gladly accept donations of any and all types of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets from any carrier, regardless of their condition. While newer, gently used devices are preferred, proceeds are generated from the recycling of broken and outdated mobile phones and tablets as well. Chargers and accessories are welcome but not necessary for donation. If you have a charger to donate, please include it with the original device.

Additionally, recycling e-waste, including old tablets and mobile devices, is environmentally responsible. Electronics contain valuable precious metals like copper and silver, which can be repurposed and reused in other products. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for every 1 million cell phones recycled, 35,274 pounds of copper and 772 pounds of silver are recovered. Proper e-waste recycling helps prevent these valuable resources from ending up in landfills. Source: e-waste

The Process: How to Donate an iPad or Tablet

If you want to donate iPads or tablets to CPFS, it’s a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to make your contribution and support our troops:

  1. Identify Your Old Devices: Look for any unused iPads or tablets lying around your home or office that you no longer need. Whether they’re functional or not, your donation can make a difference.
  1. Wipe Personal Data: Before donating your device, ensure that all personal data and information are wiped clean. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for factory resetting your iPad or tablet to erase all data securely.
  1. Choose a Donation Method: You have two options for donating your devices:
  • Drop-off Locations: Use our interactive Drop-off locations map to find the nearest drop-off point by entering your address or ZIP code. With over 3,000 donation locations nationwide, you’re sure to find one that’s convenient for you.
  • Self-Paid Label: If you prefer to ship your devices, you can check out our Shipping options. Simply click and print the pre-addressed label provided on our website and follow the shipping instructions.
  1. Prepare Your Package: Once you’ve decided on a donation method, prepare your package:
  • Count the number of donated devices for your records.
  • Place the devices flat across the bottom of the box and layer them with newspaper or bubble wrap to avoid damage.
  • Keep batteries attached to phones. If there is no battery, place tape over the terminal ends.
  • Print a battery warning label for each package and affix it to the outside of the box to comply with federal shipping regulations.
  1. Ship Your Donation: Affix the appropriate shipping label (USPS or a prepaid waybill for UPS, FedEx, DHL) to your package and send it to us. You will not receive an email confirmation when your package arrives, but you can print a donation receipt for your records from our website.

By following these steps, you can easily donate used iPads or tablets to CPFS and make a meaningful impact on the lives of our nation’s bravest.

How Do Donated iPads & Tablets Support Soldiers Specifically?

When you donate iPads and tablets to CPFS, you’re contributing to a vital cause that supports our troops in various ways:

1. Refurbishment and Resale:

  • Once we receive a donated device, it undergoes a thorough process. First, all personal information is wiped clean to ensure your privacy.
  • The device is then assessed to determine if it’s repairable. If so, it’s sold to an electronics refurbisher, who repairs the device and prepares it for resale in the aftermarket.

2. Recycling and Responsible Disposal:

  • Devices that are too old or completely broken are sold to recyclers.
  • Recyclers strip these devices of any salvageable components and rare metals before responsibly recycling the remaining parts.

The proceeds generated from both refurbishment and recycling processes are crucial. They are used to fund initiatives that directly benefit our troops, such as providing prepaid international calling cards and supporting other essential programs.

For more information on how your donations support our troops and veterans, please visit our FAQ page.

Can I Donate Other Types Of Tech Gadgets Along With My iPad?

Donate Phone Chargers and Accessories

Alongside your iPad donations, don’t forget to include phone chargers and accessories, such as cases, in their original packaging. Additionally, we welcome donations of MP3 players. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps support our troops.

Join the Movement: Your Tech Can Make a Difference

Take action today by donating your old technology to support our troops. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who serve our country. Click here to donate and learn how you can help. Together, we can ensure that our soldiers stay connected with their loved ones, no matter where they are stationed around the world.

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Self-Paid Label

Thank you for taking the extra step to cover shipping costs for your donated devices! Not only is your device donation tax-deductible, so are the shipping costs. 

Simply click and print this preaddressed label and follow the shipping instructions below:

1. Count the number of donated phones for your records.

2. Place the phones flat across the bottom of the box and layer them with newspaper or bubblewrap to avoid damage.

3. Keep batteries attached to phones. If there is no battery, place tape over terminal ends.

4. Due to federal shipping regulations, you must print a battery warning label for each package. Click here to print. Affix one label to the outside of each box. 

5. You must affix (USPS) or a prepay waybill (UPS, FedEx, DHL) in order for your package to reach us.

5. You will not receive an e-mail confirmation when your package arrives. Click here to print a donation receipt.