September 16, 2015

After completing a stretch in the Navy from 1998 to 2002, Andrew Johnson gravitated towards real estate. His grandfather had been a land developer for many years, and had no problem putting his grandson to work. He learned the business from the bottom up—from putting in sewer and water pipes to lot surveys and road paving. He did it all. And in 2004, he acquired his real estate license.

Over a decade later, Andrew recognizes that he was fortunate to discover his perfect career—a path strengthened in part by what he learned serving in the military. “The Navy helped me to understand a lot about myself—how I needed to operate in order to be successful in both career and life,” he says. “It also helped me to understand the basics of business. Be on time, for starters.”

Through perseverance and attention to detail, Andrew built a very successful real estate career, and in 2010, founded Touchstone Realty—an award-winning company with over 25 employees and a growing list of recognitions and achievements. “Starting Touchstone Realty is what really moved me forward,” he affirms. “I was able to learn how to get the best out of people—which in turn, produced the best out of me.”

Such a realization inevitably led to a new endeavor for Andrew—The HUB—a collaborative workspace concept in Martinsburg, WV, that provides professionals of every type an opportunity to engage in their own success while enjoying the freedom to network, explore ideas, and unwind in a shared environment.

The HUB is an innovative effort, so it should come as no surprise that Andrew is looking to market it through innovative channels. And with his latest promotional effort, he hopes to draw attention to both The HUB as well as Cell Phones For Soldiers.

“The military is very important to me; I know and understand what it’s like to be out in the middle of the world without any way to connect to your family,” he explains. “Family keeps you grounded. Our military members are all around the world these days, often doing very difficult things. When I found out about Cell Phones For Soldiers, I knew this was something I wanted to support—because I can relate.”

So, in an effort to endorse a recently finished promotional video for The HUB, Andrew created a social media campaign with a very basic collaborative concept. He encouraged each member of his audience to share the video ( on Facebook, as well as send a supporting email about the campaign to ten people in their email contacts list.

For every 10,000 views The HUB receives on Facebook, the business will donate $1,000 to Cell Phones For Soldiers—continuing to a maximum of $10,000 for 100,000 views. If the maximum goal is reached, Andrew and The HUB will provide over 5,000 hours of free talk time to military men and women around the world.

“It’s a dual-purpose effort representing two things that have a lot of meaning to me,” he emphasizes. “Of course I want The HUB to be a success, but to think that I can also provide American troops with a chance to speak with their loved ones, and find some gravity when they might be in a difficult situation a long way from home, fills me with a great sense of pride and purpose.”


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