This Earth Day, Recycle Your Devices Safely With Cell Phones For Soldiers

April 15, 2017

At Cell Phones For Soldiers, we are proud to recycle old cell phones and mobile devices responsibly. In doing so, we are able to extract the valuable materials contained in these devices, and turn them into money that we use to buy calling cards for the troops and to support our veterans and their families.

This work also has another incredible benefit: it keeps consumer electronics from being discarded in ways that can harm the environment.

Every year in the United States, people improperly discard 3 million tons of electronic waste, which contains PCBs, cadmium, mercury and lead, substances that are toxic and can even be carcinogenic! If mismanaged, those substances can leach into soil, endangering our precious ecosystem and potentially contaminating our food and water supply.

This Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, consider donating your unused cell phones, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players to Cell Phones For Soldiers. We’re committed to recycling your devices in a safe, environmentally friendly way, and as always, to supporting our troops, our veterans and their families.

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