Tax-Deductible Donation Easy As One-Two-Three

December 28, 2015

It’s that in-between week, the week with packages and pretty paper and gifts and Santa Claus behind us. And champagne and crazy hats and the big crystal ball dropping in Times Square in front of us.

Yep, it’s that week that’s bookended by loads of fun. Sometimes those in-between days can get a little boring, though. You can only eat so much leftover turkey, only watch so many obscure college bowl games between equally obscure teams.

So we’re often left wandering the house looking for things to keep us entertained until the last night of the year. And often, it’s the notion of that final chapter of the year that sends us scurrying for the tax paperwork. Once the clock strikes midnight, there’s no reprieve from the tax man.Tax deductible donation to veteran nonprofit organization

But between now and then there’s plenty you can do, like making a tax-deductible donation to Cell Phones For Soldiers.

It’s simple as 1-2-3. Really, it is.

1. Click on this link: and make your donation.

2. Sit back and wait for your donation receipt to arrive in your in-box.

3. Smile!

Yep. That’s it. You’ve got all the information that the tax man will need on April 15 for a good, honest legitimate deduction.

Actually you’ll find out you’ve got much more. You’ll have that really good feeling you get when you’ve done a good deed.

Imagine being thousands of miles away from home defending your country in a war zone with no way of keeping in touch with your loved ones. Imagine being a military spouse with three children and not having a way to check on your significant other.

That’s what it’s like being deployed. But because of your donation, a donation that will actually save you money in the long run, that awful feeling of loneliness will be erased for many, many servicemen.

It’s a pretty cool way to end the year.

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