Sharing The Day With The Ones You Love

February 8, 2016

US troops calling homeAfter a long, hard day at work, you come home stressed out and tired. You can’t wait for your loved one to walk through the door so you can tell them what happened today and ask how their day went. For those with children, you want to know everything they learned today and what their favorite part of the school day was.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be hundreds of miles away from your loved ones and not even have the ability to communicate with them? Not being able to share those exchanges of “how was your day?” or just a simple “I love you.” Many soldiers bear this heartache every day.

Cell Phones For Soldiers has made it their mission to eliminate this burden for soldiers by serving them with free communication services. Since 2004, they have provided more than 220 million minutes of talk time to our troops stationed around the globe and Liberty Tax Service has supported this amazing cause since Cell Phones For Soldier’s first year of operation. Old mobile phones for charity. What a novel, but simple idea to help our troops.

At our participating tax offices, we have collected over 120,000 used cell phones, totaling over 19.5 million minutes of calling time for our service members. It is such an easy thing to do: recycle your phone.

This year, we’ve created a new way to donate even more to CPFS. For every federal and state tax return prepared and filed online through Liberty Online, 100% of the tax preparation fees will be donated back to Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Cell Phones For Soldiers is also participating in our new program, The Liberty Tax Redemption Fund. We will donate $50 to the CPFS’ Redemption Fund each time someone brings in the specialized voucher and has their taxes prepared at any participating office.

When you donate to CPFS, you are giving our soldiers the chance to call home for free and say goodnight to their children or talk about their day with their spouse. That is why we’ve been so passionate about CPFS for more than a decade and encourage any and every one to get involved!

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