Recycle Your Mobile Phones for Charity

December 25, 2017

What if you could recycle old cell phones and donate old mobile phones for charity? Would you be willing to support a noble cause such as a veteran’s charity?

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of military members—along with veterans and service men and women—live and serve the country at home and across the globe. Miles away from their families, these dedicated soldiers risk their life and sanity as they fight for the peace and protection of our homeland. Constant communication and connection with their families back at home is extremely important to their mental and emotional health. Through charities like Cell Phones for Soldiers, it is possible to send support for our troops in the form of talk time between soldiers and their families. By donating to Cell Phones for Soldiers, you can be part of a veteran’s charity that provides support for veteran service men and women, their families, and active-service military men and women who need assistance in contacting their loved ones while they are deployed in faraway locations.

You can donate old mobile phones for charity through Cell Phones for Soldiers’ Minutes that Matter program. This particular charity drive has a simple mission—and that is to help troops deployed across the globe call home and reconnect with their beloved families at no charge. Since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has been encouraging Americans to recycle old cell phones and donate them for charity. Their program helps more service men and women stay in touch with their loved ones as they endure the hardships of deployment.

Since the program’s inception, this veteran’s charity has been able to provide at least 300 million free talk time minutes to soldiers by sending them calling cards so they can call home at absolutely no charge. They have recycled over 15 million cell phones throughout the course of the Minutes that Matter program, the proceeds of which are used to create lifelines between soldiers and their families through free call cards distributed through the program.

By making a decision to donate old mobile phones for charity, you get the chance to provide our nation’s heroes the chance to reconnect with their families and loved ones without having to worry about a huge phone bill awaiting their return. When you recycle old cell phones, you help a good cause while being able to dispose of old and unused mobile phones properly.

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