Reasons to Donate your Old Cell Phone to Support Military Men & Women

October 26, 2016

Donate your used mobiles today to a mobile phone charity that can change the lives of our troops!
It is so easy to take for granted this little act of love – ‘calling’ our family and friends. Unless it’s difficult or inconvenient to call back home due to various reasons such as distance and time. Our U.S. troops on international borders face this situation very often. They are stationed miles away from home and it gets difficult to call back home due to the high international calling rates.

This is exactly what Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to provide – a free calling facility for our soldiers calling home by refurbishing old cell phones and recycling them to buy calling cards.

Rather than selling your old phones via a traditional buyback service, or disposing it off completely, you can consider donating it to a noble cause. Donate your cell phones to the charities that support veterans such as Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Here are a few reasons to donate your old cell phone to support our military men:

Provide a means of communication

support military menWhen soldiers are able to call back home without worrying about the cost of the call and the distance, it puts their mind at ease knowing that their families are safe back home. Soldiers deputed across the borders require this kind of facility all the more and as responsible citizens of this country, we can play our part in ensuring that our soldiers get the right means of communication and can call home anytime and from anywhere.

Bring happiness to their families
Around 2.5 hours of free talk time is provided to our servicemen for every donated cell phone valued at five dollars. This helps our troops stay connected to their families. A simple call to say ‘how are you’ could mean a lot to those families who wait in anticipation to hear from their sons/fathers/daughters who are posted miles away from home.

You make money too
While you sell your old cell phone, you can make money too. If you donate an old iPhone to Cell phones for soldiers, you can earn over $33 depending on the condition of the iPhone. Each phone sold is tax deductible. So, by selling your old phone you age the benefit of taxes and the satisfaction of participating in a noble cause too!

Environmental reasons
It is a known fact that many old cell phones get thrown away and contribute to the e-Waste that is dangerous for this environment. Recycling e-Waste and putting it to good use is one way we can contribute to saving our planet.

It’s a good feeling
Above all, donating something for a noble cause makes you feel good! Well, how often do we actually take the time out to donate anything? Rather than randomly giving away things, by donating your cell phones to our troops, you know that you have made a difference in the lives of at least a few families.
Well, it’s a moment of sheer joy when military men stationed far away from home call simply to say ‘hello’ and enjoy a normal conversation with their friends and family – thanks to the free calling cards donated to them due to your contributions in the form of old cell phones!

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