November 13, 2015

Notes of Thanks

Leaving loved ones for deployment is difficult and unimaginable for many of us. This military spouse reminds us how priceless connecting with family truly is.

“I would just like to write as a wife of a recipient of your program. My husband left for Korea three days after we were married. With exercises and then a deployment (even though it was supposed to be a non-deployable assignment) our communication in the first few months of marriage was depressingly low.

I applied for a calling card and my husband was sent one. It wasn’t a lot of time but it was so appreciated. We are finding programs and apps to help with communication but during those early days, your phone card was such a blessing. Being a military spouse is harder than I ever could have imagined. I am very thankful for programs like yours that help ease the separation and loneliness. Thank you so much!” -Military Wife

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