November 30, 2015

Notes of Thanks


  • “I am stationed in Afghanistan. The mountains are starting to turn snow covered now and soon snow will be everywhere. I love this program. I have been handing them out to random Soldiers over the past few months. Why? Because I can afford to call home and the junior enlisted light up like crazy when a random SSG stops them and gives them a calling card. I love the look on their faces. One PFC broke down in tears. Those tears she shed made my day. Thank you for giving me a chance to help out my fellow soldiers. Thank you!”-Military Member


  • “My husband is currently deployed on a MEU and is only able to use the phone on the ship to call home. He has yet to dock so I have not heard his voice since he has left on deployment because the phone is too expensive to use on the boat. He is currently on a ship so he can only use specific calling cards. It has been months since I have heard my husband’s voice our only communication has been email. Thank you so much for your help!” –Military Spouse


  • “I have approximately 40 members that I oversee and these calling cards allow bits of morale that are unprecedented allowing our troops to stay in contact with their loved ones. I have requested cards through this website before and I do so monthly. I Thank you for your magnificent program military support and welcome any questions. During these approaching holidays these cards become increasingly more important and are greatly appreciated. Thank you!”-Military member


  • “Hello I am requesting Phone cards for my husband stationed in turkey away from me and our new baby girl for the holidays and the months to follow (until April). His internet is very very poor over there so I am requesting this for him 🙂 We rely primarily on phone cards for any communication.” –Military Spouse

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