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  • Let's make sure we all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend. ,
  • Help military families stay connected. $5 can provide 2.5 hours of talk time. Donate today! ,
  • CPFS had another solid year of helping military members stay connected with their loved ones in 2015. ,
  • Tuesday tidbit: Did you know CPFS has provided over 220 million minutes of free talk time to troops since 2004? ,
  • A big thank you to for all their good work for CPFS in the Maryland area. They help military families stay connected.,
May 27, 2015

KIND and CPFS #thankskindly

January 19, 2015

2015 CPFS Supporters

Lake Orion High School Cell Out

Cell Phones For Soldiers on NECN

June 25, 2014

CPFS Gives Back to Dallas Veterans