Margot Stanton from Trinity-Sarasota United Methodist Church rallies her troops

December 6, 2011

Cell Phones for Soldiers has been fortunate to generate support from all types of organizations, big and small. Over the years, many phones have been received from churches from around the country.

Margot Stanton from Trinity-Sarasota United Methodist Church in Sarasota, Florida rallied her church to collect gently-used cell phones to help provide calling cards to our service men and women serving overseas.

A few months back, she dropped off 75 cell phones to a nearby drop-off location. Only a small time later did more phones appear in her decorated red, white and blue collection box at church.

Now that the holidays are upon up, Margot understands how important a call home is and reminds her fellow church members “remember, they are fighting for us. Let’s let them know we care.”

Thank you to Margot and the Trinity-Sarasota United Methodist Church and the many other groups collecting nationwide.

Like Margot you also can start a collection in your school, church or neighbor that will truly make a difference. Visit to setup a drive or become a drop-off location for Cell Phones for Soldiers.

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