Lease Advisors Gives Back: Helping Our Troops Stay Connected

August 10, 2015

Lease AdvisorsIn partnership with Lease Advisors, Cell Phones For Soldiers will make it possible for deployed, active US troops to stay connected with their family and friends stateside. The Lease Advisors donation of 300,000 minutes will allow troops on the ground in the Middle East and elsewhere to call home, ensuring loved ones of their wellbeing, and catching up with things at home.

As anyone serving our military can attest, there’s nothing like hearing the voices of the people you love — certainly when it has been months or more since last seeing them. There’s no dollar value that can be placed on knowing that your baby — perhaps one you haven’t even met yet — is thriving, smiling, and meeting milestones. Allowing husbands and wives to connect in this way gives them reprieve from the worries of war, even if only for precious moments.

When discussing the Lease Advisors partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers, CEO and founder of Lease Advisors, Jarred Saba noted, “We created Lease Advisors Community to have a positive impact at the local level, by giving back to the communities where we conduct business.  By partnering with Cell Phones For Soldiers, Lease Advisors is proud to be able to help our country’s servicemen and women stay connected with their loved ones.”

Saba’s commentary speaks to the opinions of many American military families and those who support them. But action, not words or yellow ribbons, are the true markers of commitment. Just as civilians may support causes like Wounded Warriors, and while many others volunteer to send troops care packages through a number of organizations nationwide, so to should the corporate entities of our nation be committed to the military and what they give us: freedom.

For Lease Advisors, Cell Phones For Soldiers was the clear choice, having already donated nearly 216 million free minutes of talk time for our active armed forces the world over. As much a need as it is a desire to catch up with families, studies suggest that keeping up with family is important for maintaining military morale, helping deployed servicepersons get through days that most of us cannot imagine enduring.

Lease Advisors, mission beyond this partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers has always been to serve the communities where they have a presence. Since 2013, Lease Advisors has had a positive impact on many local communities with the start of Lease Advisors Community Program. “Our Community Program is an integral component to our corporate philosophy of giving back to individuals and communities in need,” CEO Saba added.

We look forward to the cheer this program and partnership with Lease Advisors will bring the military families and servicemen and women who so richly deserve this connection to those they love. For more information please see the press release here

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