Lake Orion students make statement for youth

February 15, 2016

Every generation of young people takes a beating. They’re “lazy.” They’ll “never amount to anything.” What’s this “country going to do for leadership?” It’s become quite the tradition in this country.

And it always turns out to be bluster. It seems that every generation has stepped up and done exactly what was needed to keep things headed in the right direction.

That’s certainly the case with this next generation of youngsters if the studentsLake orion high school students at Lake Orion High School in Lake Orion, Michigan are any indication.

Earlier this year Lake Orion High School held their second “Cell Out for Soldiers” event. Their goal was to raise funds for Cell Phones For Soldiers. Their method was the least-expected way for today’s teenagers: they gave up their cell phones for a day to support troops.

It was a simple formula to help teach youngsters about helping others. For each phone turned in for the day, the school’s Leadership Workshop class donated $1 toward the charity. That totaled $1,860. But it didn’t end there. Students, faculty and administrators gave another $1,000 in loose change and cash.

There was more. A fundraiser prior to the main event at a local restaurant raised about $1,050.

The grand total turned out to be almost $4,000.

Lori Hogan, a Lake Orion teacher and the advisor for the event, said the students were a little hesitant a year ago for the inaugural event, but this year they were excited and more than 86 percent of the student body gave up their phones for the day. She said the event had become a point of pride for the students and faculty, many who made a military monetary donation.

And it should be. These youngsters, as most youngsters do, get it. They understand a little sacrifice on their part will have a huge impact on others. And how big was their impact?

Every $5 donation to Cell Phones For Soldiers buys 2.5 hours of talk time. The math works out to about 2,000 hours of talk time for service men and women around the world to stay in touch with their loved ones. That is a tremendous impact, one that truly makes a difference.




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