It’s Spring Cleaning Time! Look For Those Forgotten Cell Phones. Nationwide, two to three cell phones are lost in homes

March 14, 2014

Cell Phones For Soldiers supporter, Carol Marrow shares some interesting mobile phone recycling facts that surprised even her cause-orientated family. See what she found lurking in her storage bins and closets!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time! Look For Those Forgotten Cell Phones

Nationwide, two to three cell phones are lost in homes

Cell phones are everywhere! A recent study by PewResearch shows that our society’s reliance on mobile devices has exponentially increased in the last 10 years.

·         90 percent of Americans currently own cell phones.

·         On average, we check our cell phones every 6.5 minutes (per MobileFuture).

·         Americans upgrade to the latest mobile device about every 20 months.

·         Only 20 percent of unused cell phones are recycled each year.


Those stats translate into more than 220 million unwanted cell phones which are forgotten and sit idle in kitchen drawers and office cabinets. That is two to three cell phones, per household, forgotten and lost in homes nationwide. WOW!

At first, I could not believe the stats. So I took it to the test and searched our house for any forgotten cell phones lurking in the drawers and cabinets. The mission was to beat the average American statistic. I was certain that we had donated every unwanted cell phone in our home to Cell Phones For Soldiers. Chances were that our household is an outlier in the statistics, right?

WRONG. I am surprised to have found two cell phones after cleaning out the study and basement. Found was a pink RAZR flip phone that was the hippest device in the mobile world when purchased in 2004. Also, my very first iPhone, a 3GS, was salvaged from the bottom of an old toy bin. When we moved three years ago, it must have landed there and not opened since our move.

Only two rooms in the house were cleaned. I wonder how many more cell phones will be found after the entire spring cleaning project is finished. That said, the numbers tell an honest story. If I can find two cell phones in just two rooms, how many unwanted cell phones are hiding in homes across the country?

While you are spring cleaning this season, please collect those unused cell phones languishing in your home and send them to Cell Phones For Soldiers. For every donated phone valued at $5, Cell Phones For Soldiers is able to provide 2.5 hours of free talk time to troops. The charity will even pay for your shipping!

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