Honor, Remember, And Celebrate Every Day

June 2, 2014

American Flag with soldier

As we close out the month of May, we reflect on the meaning of National Military Appreciation month.

We kicked off the month of May with Military Spouse Appreciation Friday, May 9, honoring the patience and determination of military spouses nationwide who manage and guard their families while their husbands and wives serve our country. Service doesn’t just fall to those in uniform; it is certain that military spouses serve our country as well. The stress that spouses endure, as they worry for the deployed and as they find strength to go about the daily routine of running their households, can only be imagined by civilian families. The service of military spouses is many times forgotten.

Saturday, May 17, we honored the Armed Forces on Armed Forces Day. This day recognizes the sacrifices of the servicemen and women who protect our country from harm’s way, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Every day their service enables us to enjoy the rights and freedoms that we so often take for granted.

Monday, May 26 we celebrated Memorial Day. On this national holiday, we as a country remember those who have died during active military duty. The United States honors those who gave their lives to protect our country – the biggest sacrifice any citizen can give to his or her country. With heartfelt gratitude, we remember our fallen heroes on this day and thank them for the gift of freedom.

Looking back at a full month dedicated to honoring our military, it does not seem like enough. For all that our past and current military personnel have done and are doing to protect our country, one month of remembrance, honor and celebration for our heroes is truly insufficient. The sacrifices that generations of military members and their families have given and currently give is profound and sobering.

Freedom is not free. Every day – even for only one minute a day – let us mindfully honor, remember and celebrate our country’s military personnel, past and present, who have afforded us our freedom.

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