Hip Kitty to Perform for Overseas Troops This Holiday

September 11, 2014

Hip Kitty is an American rock band who are loyal supporters to military members and Cell Phones For Soldiers. The band will head overseas this holiday to perform for and distribute calling cards to our troops, who aren’t able to celebrate the season with their families. Lead singer, Jen Goncalves shares what this trip means to Hip Kitty and the servicemen and women that they perform for.

Hip Kitty with troops and CPFS Calling Cards

Hello to our friends and supporters of Cell Phones For Soldiers! Hip Kitty is excited to be back for another Armed Forces Entertainment tour over the holidays! We would like to thank CPFS for their shipment of calling cards to the bases where we perform. It’s an awesome experience being able to provide our service members with a way to connect home…especially during a season when memories and time with family can be so precious. In our conversations with the moms and dads stationed abroad, the Cell Phones For Soldiers calling cards are a sweet reminder of support from those of us back home. These are men and women who proudly represent our country, but the holidays can be especially tough. A calling card means hearing the voice of their child on Christmas morning, for that so many are extremely grateful.

Hip Kitty plans to bring along some Christmas cheer, and ring in the New Year in full ROCK SHOW style! We’ll be sure to send pictures of our time abroad…We wish you all a blessed and fabulous holiday! Thank you for supporting our troops.

~ Jen

Jen with troops and their Cell Phone For Soldiers calling cards from their 2012 Armed Forces Entertainment tour.

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