Fighting For our Heroes

November 10, 2014

Military member saluting US national flag

Currently, one in seven homeless persons is a veteran which is a stat a Maryland-based veteran knows all too well.

A decorated U.S. Army staff sergeant who served two tours abroad experienced PTSD and other behavioral health issues upon reentry into civilian life. However, his road blocks didn’t end there; the veteran’s apartment building burned down at the same time he was notified his unemployment pay was ending. The veteran was left homeless for more than two months. He relied on his cell phone as he tried to secure employment to pay for a new place to live. When he could no longer afford to pay his cell phone bill, he knew he needed help.

Through his local Veteran’s Affairs office, he was referred to Cell Phones For Soldiers “Helping Heroes Home” program. After hearing of his hardship, the organization paid his cell phone bill and enabled the veteran to resume his job search.

Civilian life can be difficult for veterans to become reacquainted with which is why it is so imperative that we help those who have fought for our safety. Make a donation today to help our heroes by clicking here.

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