Donate your Gently-used Cell Phones for Soldiers

October 19, 2016

One of the most volatile markets is – the cell phone market. Every month or two there are new models of smartphones with compelling features that are so convincing that users feel that they are a ‘must have’! The old cell phones are easily forgotten and are either discarded or left to gather dust in the drawers. All these cell phones in working condition and we seldom think of them after they are cast-away.

Repurposing these gently used cell phones and putting them to good use by donating them to charity that works towards keeping our soldiers connected could be one way you can truly help. Free calling cards can be sent to our soldiers by selling old cell phones. Our soldiers who are stationed on national and international borders work under adverse conditions to ensure the safety of our country. Being away from home and their loved ones is many times overwhelming – international calling isn’t cheap either. Sometimes its months before they can talk to someone back at home.

Our simple donations can ensure that they stay connected and relaxed due to the notion that they have the means to call back home anytime and from anywhere. Providing them with calling cards and cell phones could be a noble gesture too rather than it sitting in your drawer to be forgotten forever until it is finally discarded some day!

Gently used cell phones

donate cell phonesGently used phones serve this purpose perfectly. If your unwanted phone hasn’t been used too much, it can be easily refurbished, wiped clean of all the data and sent to our soldiers. The electronic refurbishing companies ensure that the phone does not contain traces of any personal data in the form of messages, photographs or apps. This is mainly because these phones will be used in areas where communication devices could pose a high security risk. These devices hence should not have vulnerabilities that anyone could take advantage of.

Making the best out of waste

A staggering 100 million cell phones are thrown away each year, let’s make the best out of waste and bring smiles on the faces of those who deserve it. Rather than discarding your old cell phones, you can sell your used cell phones and put them to good use and show your gratitude to our soldiers. It’s not environment friendly too. Discarding these phones could cause hard to the environment. It’s better to recycle these mobile phones that are old or refurbish them so that they can be used for our soldiers. So, if you have hardly used a cell phone and brought a new one simply because if it’s promising new features, you could donate your cell phone by mailing it or by stopping by one of the drop off locations for “Cell Phones For Soldiers”. We shall recycle these mobile phones and ensure that they reach our troops!
Many of us take for granted these little things in life such as calling home regularly and staying in touch with our friends. The importance is only realized when you are away and unable to call so easily due to restrictions of distance and time.

It’s time to show our gratitude and donate our old cell phones as a small gesture to show our soldiers that we truly care! Donate your used cell phones today.

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