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October 12, 2016

Every soldier is a hero, sacrificing their safety, comfort and the ability to do simple tasks such as calling their loved ones back home for the service of the nation. Especially internationally deployed military men, many a times experience emotional stress because of their inability to stay connected with their families due to the separation mandated by the nature of their jobs.

One way we can honor our soldiers and support our troops is by helping them connect to their family and friends and alleviate them of some of the emotional pressures they face while away for long periods of time. Donating our old cell phones could make a difference in their lives.

How can we help our heroes stay connected?

Support HeroesNew and cool looking smartphones are launched in the market every other month that makes your old phones look obsolete. When we buy a new phone, the old one is left in the drawer gathering dust. This old cell phone may be quite worthless sitting in the drawer, but has immense value when used to provide our armed forces with devices for communication to help them stay connected.
We can make our small contributions to the benefit of these soldiers – especially those who are deployed overseas, by donating our old cell phones. Something that is so easily forgotten can turn out to be a boon for someone!

How exactly does this work?

These donated cell phones are collected and resold to bulk recyclers. This means that they are refurbished and all the data present on the phone that may present a security risk is wiped off. After the phone is convincingly clean of all the data, it is sent to our troops for use. Phones that are not in good condition are also sold to bulk recyclers and the money made is used to buy free calling cards to support heroes of the U.S. military who are deployed internationally.

This simple, yet thoughtful act might bring smiles on so many faces. While these troops work relentlessly to ensure the safety of our country, there we can show them that we really care. It does not take too much time or efforts – just plain motivation to give for a noble cause.

So, before you throw away your old cell phone or cast it away in the darkest corner of your drawer, think about its true value for someone who might need it! The rates for international calling are generally high and the soldiers stationed there can definitely benefit from the free calling cards. They can stay connected to their homeland, their loved ones and their families.

It’s tough being away from your loved ones especially in adverse weather conditions with the notion that there could be a combat situation any time. By repurposing your old cell phone, you could help bring families closer even when miles apart. With your little contribution they can quickly call and be rest assured that their loved ones are safe at home.

A simple cell phone charity could give our heroes the opportunity to stay connected with their families from anywhere and at anytime with free calling cards and cell phones.

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