July 25, 2016

Cell Phones For Soldiers Gives Back with Annual Golf Tournament

May 25th 2016

Thank You to our sponsors and our participants in the First Annual Golf Tournament. With your Support we were able to raise over 60 Thousand Dollars. That equals over 1.8 million minutes of airtime.

13 Responses to “Cell Phones For Soldiers Gives Back with Annual Golf Tournament”

  1. I have two brand new never used cell phones I would like to donate to your worthy cause. How do I do this?

    • Rob Bergquist says:

      Hi there Milli,
      Thank you for reaching out to Cell Phones for Soldiers!
      There are two options to get the donated cell phones to our facility here in Georgia. First, you can check to see if there is a Cell Phones for Soldiers authorized Drop-Off Location near you here:
      Or, you can ship the phone directly to our facility. Our address is below:
      Cell Phones for Soldiers
      5665 N Commerce Ct.
      Alpharetta, GA 30004
      All the best and thank you for considering Cell Phones for Soldiers with your donation!
      – RB

  2. Kimmie Van Norman says:

    I live in Fl. I have a lot of old cell phones , still need 2 get pictures of them & clean them out. Anyways I want 2 donate 2 a worthy cause. How & what do I do.
    PLEASE EMAIL ME info. Thank u.
    [email protected].
    Thank u so very much.

  3. Kimmie Van Norman says:

    I have a lot of cell phones , would like 2 donate 2 a worthy cause.
    Can u please help me.?
    I don’t know where 2 send.
    Thank u

  4. I have an older model BlackBerry. Would this be something i could donate?

  5. Eric Tripoli says:

    Hi I sent a donation of a prepaid phone to you for cell phones for soldiers?Did you ever receive it? If not when you get it will I get a response that you received my donation?


    Eric Tripoli

  6. CarolAnn Yinquez-Browne says:

    We have a lot of cell phones we would like to donate. We live in Califorbia, do you have anything near Long Beach? Our military does so much, we’d like to do something for them in return…

  7. Gregory Weiss says:

    We have some older model phones that we would love to donate. Not sure how or where to donate them.

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