Recycle Your Mobile Phones for Charity

What if you could recycle old cell phones and donate old mobile devices for charity? Would you be willing to part with these old electronics if it meant helping our troops and veterans?

The men and women of the U.S. military live and serve the country at home and across the globe. Miles away from their families, these dedicated troops risk their lives and well-being as they fight for the peace and protection of our country. Communication and connection with their families back at home is extremely important to our troops’ mental and emotional health.

Through Cell Phones For Soldiers, you can send support for our troops in the form of free talk time so they can keep those connections alive. Cell Phones For Soldiers also helps our armed forces as they transition to civilian life: through the Helping Heroes Home program, we provide one-time grants to veterans in need of financial assistance.

You can donate old mobile phones for charity through Cell Phones for Soldiers’ Minutes that Matter program. We have a simple mission: to help troops deployed across the globe call home and connect with their families at no charge. Since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has encouraged Americans to recycle old cell phones, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players to benefit our troops and veterans, keeping 15 million electronic devices out of landfills.

By making a decision to donate old mobile phones for charity, you get the chance to provide our nation’s heroes the chance to reconnect with their families and loved ones without having to worry about a huge phone bill awaiting their return. When you recycle old cell phones, you help a good cause while being able to dispose of old and unused mobile phones properly.

5 Ways to Support Our Soldiers

Memorial Day isn’t the only day in the year to help our veterans and soldiers. In fact, everyone—at any time—can support soldiers and unsung heroes by doing seemingly small but impactful actions. There are numerous organizations and charities whose mission is to provide support and assistance to deployed soldiers as well as veterans who are serving or have served the country by risking their lives and safety out in battle. If you are looking for ways to support heroes in your own capacity, here are five simple yet relevant and rewarding things you can do to show appreciation for their service:

  • Extending a friendly hand to military family by inviting them over for meals/bringing them dinner, or including them in your holiday celebrations – This simple act of support can be a huge encouragement not only to servicemen but also to their families, who go through unimaginable emotional extremes as they think about the safety and welfare of their loved one in service. You can also do this for families who have lost a loved one because of war or veterans who’ve been rendered disabled in their service.


  • Donating to the USO – The United States’ United Service Organization has been one of the longest-running organizations whose programs aim to uplift service personnel through fun activities. Every now and then, they organize live concerts for soldiers who are deployed halfway across the globe.


  • Contributing to or sending care packages – Deployed service men miss the most basic comforts of home. To support soldiers, you can “adopt” one and send them care packages containing toiletries, snacks, and all other basic comforts they tend to miss when they are out in the field. There are numerous programs or charities through which you can send care packages to support heroes.


  • Donating to a cellphone charity – One of the most notable cellphone charities today is Cell Phones for Soldiers, which is a unique program that allows you to provide a lifeline between wartime heroes and their families. Through Cell Phones for Soldiers, you can donate discarded phone units. The cellphone charity will then use the proceeds to provide calling cards to soldiers so they can reconnect with their families back at home. Communication is something that is vital to the mental and emotional health of soldiers in the field—and a phone call can mean the world to them.


  • Supporting survivors of the fallen – There are also organizations that provide support for loved ones of fallen heroes following their death. Donating to these kinds of charities is a great way to support soldiers’ families in their greatest need.


Reading “I Love You” is Great. Hearing it is Better.

It’s hard to miss the joy that the holiday season brings. Christmas songs play 24/7 on some radio stations, decorations shine from homes and businesses, and your Facebook feed is filled with beautiful family photos of everyone in their holiday best.

But when you belong to a military family, sometimes the holidays mean the sharp pangs of missing a dad, mom, spouse or child who is deployed far away; who may be working in a dangerous part of the world.

For members of those families, communication is critical: Being able to talk to your loved one during the stress of deployment is important no matter the time of year, but when everyone around you is wrapped up in togetherness and holiday fun, the necessity is even greater. And we believe that a phone call is more than just a phone call during this time of year.

Exchanging instant messages and emails during deployment is great: family members can communicate quickly and on their own time. We love that modern technology allows for digital communication all over the world! But sometimes, we just need to hear one another’s voice. Despite the modern conveniences of written communication, experts say phone calls are better in personal relationships: there are fewer mixed messages, more opportunities to express complex emotion and better attention paid to what’s being said.

Our mission at Cell Phones For Soldiers is to help keep connections between service members and their loved ones as strong as possible. If you are missing the sound of your loved one’s voice, you can request a free calling card so they can call home by sending us some simple contact information.

And if you would like to help us continue our mission of keeping our troops connected to their families and friends at home, you can donate money or send us your old mobile devices to be recycled. Learn more about supporting Cell Phones For Soldiers here.

Cell Phones For Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Founded in 2004, we have given more than 300 million minutes of free talk time to our troops through our Minutes That Matter program; and helped more than 3,000 veterans through our Helping Heroes Home program.

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