Celebrate Today with Gratitude

With fewer than one percent of Americans serving in the military, it might be easy to feel disconnected from the troops on duty y across the world. You may not have an immediate or extended family member in uniform, or a neighbor who is deployed.

But they are there, working 24/7—representing our countrsometimes in the world’s most treacherous places—keeping us and our allies across the planet safe from harm, even if we don’t know them personally.

This Thanksgiving and every day, we should thank those men and women, and their families, for the sacrifices they make in service to our country and its cherished ideals of freedom, democracy, opportunity and peace.

We thank those who are patrolling dangerous territory, performing critical surveillance, or staffing ships instead of sitting down today for a family dinner and football games.

We thank those who are spending their first holidays away from their loved ones, and those who have missed lots of occasions over the years.

We thank the children of our troops, for being incredibly brave while mom or dad is serving far away.

We thank the spouses and partners of our troops, for holding down the fort.

We thank the parents of our troops, who raised their children with the honor and integrity it takes to volunteer to serve.

To those servicemen and women who have suffered injuries obvious and hidden, we say thank you, and affirm our commitment to your healing.

To our veterans, we say thank you for your service. You are owed a lifetime of support and care.

To the civilians working in various roles, public and private, to help our troops and veterans, we say thank you.

And to the loved ones and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, we know that “thank you” isn’t enough. The holidays can be particularly painful, and you are always in our hearts.

Our nation of 325 million is safe and free because of the work of a small fraction of its people. As we celebrate today, we should remember all those who serve and have served.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


Challenge Your Friends to Support Troops and Veterans This #GivingTuesday!

This #GivingTuesday, we’re excited to challenge our supporters and friends to support Cell Phones For Soldiers and help our troops and veterans for the holidays!

It’s simple: Donate $5 or a used cell phone, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player on #GivingTuesday, November 28. Then tag five friends (and us!) on Facebook and challenge them to do the same.

#GivingTuesday is an annual tradition that serves as a philanthropic boost during the hectic holiday season. It’s an opportunity to pause during the mall runs and frantic online shopping to give back. And it raises a tremendous amount of money for great causes—donors in 98 countries gave more than $170 million in 2016 alone!

At Cell Phones For Soldiers, our mission is twofold: Supporting our troops with free talk time so they can connect with their loved ones while serving far away from home; and helping our veterans transition to civilian life by providing one-time grants to help with bills, address communication needs and even avoid eviction.

Your donation, and your friends’ donations, mean that an Air Force officer deployed thousands of miles away can connect with his wife as she deals with a sudden home emergency.

They mean that a Soldier can call her kids to encourage them to do well in school.

That a Marine can hear his parents’ voices and wish them a Merry Christmas.

That a veteran, who has served our country bravely, can sleep easy knowing she’s covered a bill that was causing her unneeded stress.

You can donate money through our website, and find a local drop-off site to donate a phone, or print a shipping label to mail in a device—however you choose to give, we thank you!

We are so honored to provide help to the men and women who serve and protect our country, and so grateful for your support in our mission! Happy #GivingTuesday!

Land of the Free, Because of the Brave: A Veterans Day Message

veterans dayJust like that other special occasion in November, Veterans Day is a day of extraordinary gratitude in the United States. Today, we honor all veterans, past and present, for their service and sacrifice, and we affirm our commitment to never forget their work to protect and defend our nation. We are so thankful.

There are plenty of opportunities to take action in support of veterans in your community and beyond, today and every day. Here are some ideas:

Find an event, bring your kids!

Today, join crowds at your local Veterans Day parade or ceremony to show your support. Bring your children and talk to them about the importance of service, both in the military and outside it.


Check with your local veterans’ services organization to see whether they need help with special events, regular duties or other work. There may be a veteran in your community who needs help with yard work or household chores, transportation to appointments, or simply some friendly company from time to time. Go where the need is.

Share the stories of our oldest veterans

Sixteen million Americans served in World War II. While the nation lost 400,000 troops during the four years of WWII, millions returned home to reenergize a war-fatigued nation. They built homes, started businesses, became parents and continued to serve. Many of them reenlisted to fight in Korea when the time came. Today, there are just about 550,000 left from WWII and 2 million from Korea, and we lose more every day. If you have a WWII or Korean War veteran in your life, and they are comfortable telling their story, ask them to share it with you. Keep their stories alive by recording them and sharing them with the next generation.


Write or call your local, state and federal representatives to ask them to increase and protect funding for veterans’ services, including for medical and mental health care that will help heal our nation’s bravest from the physical and psychological effects of war.


If you own or manage a business, implement a veteran-friendly hiring policy and offer to train veterans in your field. Military service requires leadership, reliability, teamwork and discipline, all traits that make great workers in any industry. Too many veterans leave the military without good employment prospects, which can make the transition to civilian life even more difficult.


Veterans Day is a perfect opportunity to make a charitable contribution to an organization that supports veterans. Here at Cell Phones For Soldiers, our program Helping Heroes Home provides emergency grants for veterans to help with things like eviction avoidance, internet service, home repairs and more. We’ve given aid to more than 3,100 veterans, and aim to help more, with your support. Learn about Helping Heroes Home and donate today.

Cell Phones For Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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