Land of the Free Because of the Brave

heores“I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful.”

Winston Churchill said those words after learning that the United States had entered World War II, and would provide needed power to the Allies fighting fascism around the world. Churchill knew what we all know now: that American troops are some of the bravest and most dedicated on the planet.

It’s because of our military’s ongoing work and intelligence that we are able to sleep and be thankful; that we are able to move around in public without fear; and that we can celebrate our freedom with our families and friends. We should all be thankful.

The Fourth of July is next week. It’s a joyous occasion as we celebrate 241 years of American independence. Though we are still a relatively “new” country, America has survived a revolution, a civil war, two world wars, times of economic desperation and the evolution of terrorist violence. We have the longest-living charter of government in the world, the United States Constitution.

And our country’s resilience is thanks in significant part to the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military. While we sleep safely, walk our streets safely and express ourselves safely, we should always be thankful.

Cell Phones For Soldiers is a way to say thank you to our troops, and to provide a little bit of help for them as they sacrifice their time and safety for our country. If you’d like to get involved in our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—whether through donating a phone or other mobile device, donating cash, or collecting devices on our behalf—please visit our “Get Involved” page to get started!

Keep Summer Memories Alive

Support the FamiliesJune 21 marked the first day of summer. It’s a time for making memories; for graduation parties, weddings, cookouts, lazy days and family vacations. But for the members of our military who are deployed—and for their families—it can be a bittersweet time, because their absence is felt in those special, memorable moments.

Expert family counselors stress the importance of keeping in touch with the deployed person while they’re away. It maintains a line of contact that keeps them in the loop about what’s going on at home in moments big and small. And for their loved ones, especially their kids, it’s a necessary reinforcement that they’re safe and hard at work.

Here at Cell Phones For Soldiers, we know those minutes matter. That’s why we’re so proud to connect our troops with calling cards to make free calls home during their deployment.

We take your donated cell phones, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players (in any condition) and recycle them for their valuable components, then we use the money from those parts to buy calling cards. We also accept cash donations. Since 2004, we’ve provided more than 300 million minutes of free talk time to deployed troops.

This summer, as you’re celebrating your time in the sun, please remember those who are away from their families. And if you have a mobile device you don’t use anymore, please send it our way! Cell Phones For Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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