Help a Soldier to Call Home with your Unused Cell Phones

If you are wondering what to do with your old phone, think no further. There’s a worthy cause waiting to repurpose them and give someone deserving the means to communicate. That someone deserving is none other than our brave soldier who leaves behind his family and friends to take upon them the responsibility of protecting our borders and painfully even those of other countries. When they are preparing for battle or perhaps stationed waiting anytime, and every time for the enemy to strike, life can feel weighty and lonely. They yearn to speak to their loved ones, hoping that it won’t be the last time.

Some organisations reach out to these soldiers and empathize with their situation, to give them the strength to live, to fight, and maybe die happily, by enabling the soldiers to call home by providing them with calling cards. 

Help a Soldier to Call Home

How does this Happen?

The organisation relies on generous donors for cash contributions and funds raised by the recycling of used cell phones. So, instead of throwing away your old phone that’s gathering dust, donate it to this noble cause. The proceeds will be used to purchase international calling cards for troops stationed around the world.


How does the soldier benefit?

  • The phone becomes an instrument of sanity amidst the soldier’s harsh world of violence, death, destruction and despair
  • Morale is high as he can connect with family and friends and take comfort in their safety.
  • Regular communication will help keep relationships intact. Divorce rates will drop as soldiers engage in longer and more intense conversations with their spouses and loved ones
  • The Military Benefits Deployment Center lists staying in touch with loved ones as a top-five “how to survive deployment strategy.”


Figures that underscore the success of such an initiative

  • Since July 2012, Helping Heroes Home has assisted more than 3,800 veterans and their families with emergency funding.
  • Soldiers have engaged in more than 300 million minutes of free talk time.
  • More than 15 million cell phones have been recycled.
  • A contribution supporting soldiers worth $5 will enable 2.5 hours of talk time for America’s bravest men and women.
  • A committed organization can receive an average of 2,500 calling card requests each week and will fulfill each and every one of them.


When a soldier returns home, he may need help as he comes back to reality. He may have to cope with physical, emotional, and assimilation challenges.  Some of these may include scouting for a new job, or paying the mortgage or purchase prescription medicines to help fight PTSD. You can contribute to support soldiers with generous donations.
Selling your old cell phone will also be an effort towards saving the planet, as it will help recycle e-waste and use it towards a fruitful cause.

Be Charitable

So be charitable and generous towards our soldiers. Understand their plight. Understand their hearts. Take pride in the knowledge that your old phone will be put to good use by a man who is out there fighting to protect you and me.

Support the Families of our Military Personnel

Military families have to deal with a lot of stress. Strong emotions like fear and anger surface when the news of deployment is released to the family. As the day of deployment draws near, they may cope with their myriad tumultuous emotions by withdrawal and detachment so that they feel strong when their loved ones depart for war. At the time of deployment families have to cope with emotions threatening to erupt like a volcanic explosion. Emotions alternate between loneliness, sadness, fear for their service member’s safety, panic, concern over being needed or loved, etc.

A non-profit organization empathized with the plight of soldiers and their families to collect old mobile phones on a mass scale, recycle them and buy prepaid phone cards for our service men and women. These cards help service men to connect with their families, who feel good and reassured when they listen to the voice of their loved one.

It’s a no-brainer activity to collect old phones and donate them instead of allowing them to gather dust. Mobile phone charity is a worthy cause as military men, and their families sacrifice their happiness, leave their homes and loved ones to fight and die for you and me.

How you can Support the families of Military Men

Support the FamiliesDonate your old phones, which the NGO will recycle, and with the money, purchase calling calls for the military men. When a soldier calls up his family often, relationships are nurtured and strengthened, despite the distance and distressing circumstances. Families keep their loved ones informed of important developments back home. One hears stories of a baby born two months after a soldier leaves for war or a soldier who joins forces just a few months after being married, leaving his young bride at home.
It has been reported that divorce rates drop as soldiers engage in longer and more intense conversations with their spouses and loved ones. In fact, The Military Benefits Deployment Center lists staying in touch with loved ones as a top-five “how to survive deployment strategy”.

The NGO also sports a “Helping Heroes Home” initiative, a program designed to provide emergency funds for supporting veterans to alleviate communication challenges as well as physical, emotional and assimilation hardships. Some of these hardships may include scouting for a new job, or paying the mortgage or purchase prescription medicines to help fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Many service members returning from deployment experience family adjustment issues. Some veterans report shouting with, shoving, or pushing current (or former) partners. Some veterans say that their partner or children are afraid of them. You can contribute to support soldiers and their families with generous donations.

We’ve Barely Tipped the Iceberg

There are a plethora of things you can do for military families to let them know you care. Donating your old phone is one the ways you can show your love to the service member or his family. When you’re helping a serviceman, you are helping the family as a whole! Salute their bravery and the bravery of their families!

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