May 27, 2015

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January 19, 2015

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Donor Spotlight: Guardian Angels of Home Health

Cell Phones For Soldiers is fortunate to work with more than 3,800 public cell phone drop-off locations across the country. One of those locations is Guardian Angels of Home Health in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. A supporter of Cell Phones For Soldiers for many years, the company just received its largest cell phone donation from the National Wellness Institute of nearby Rowan University.

Margaret Popp, president for Guardian Angels of Home Health, shares what this generous donation means to them.

Thank you to the National Wellness Institute, Rowan University Chapter!

What an honor it was to accept a full box containing over 120 cell phones on behalf of Cell Phones For Soldiers from a group of students from the National Wellness Institute, Rowan University Chapter, in Glassboro, NewJersey. They did more than donate a phone, they had a cell phone drive for the Cell Phones For Soldiers organization!

Guardian Angels of Home Health, Rowan University Margaret Popp, founder and President of Guardian Angels of Home Health said, “In all the years we have been a collection site for CPFS,we have never had such a generous effort made. She is very pleased to be able to participate in such a worthy cause, and is proud oft his group!”

Justin Borden, President of the chapter says, “I would just like to say it was an honor to help those who are fighting for our freedom. I’m certainly aware that freedom isn’t free so I was thrilled about this project when the idea was presented to me. This year we have been very focused on helping the military. Not only have we participated in your Cell Phones For Soldiers drive but we also are hosting our very first Wounded Warriors race on April 25th 2015! All the details can be found on We will be donating 100% of our profits.”

It is good to see our young people going the extra mile to help our Military get calls home and also helping the Wounded recycling your old cell phoneWarriors! Please go to their Facebook page listed above and show your support for their worthy cause! These young men and women are all gaining credentials of one type or another in the medical field. Some will be doctors, pharmacists, nurses and many other fields of health. It is young people like this that we can trust with our future in wellness!

Cell Phones For Soldiers (CPFS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans. The organization was founded in 2004 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, then 12 and 13 years old, with only $21. CPFS relies on generous donors for cash contributions and funds raised by the recycling of used cell phones.

If you are part of an organization that would like to learn more about how you can help the Military by having a phone drive, you can visit here. If you have a cell phone that you are no longer using, you can also drop them off at our office at 311 West Trenton Avenue, Morrisville, PA 19067.

For more information on Guardian Angels of Home Health, please visit

November 13, 2015

Notes of Thanks

Leaving loved ones for deployment is difficult and unimaginable for many of us. This military spouse reminds us how priceless connecting with family truly is.

“I would just like to write as a wife of a recipient of your program. My husband left for Korea three days after we were married. With exercises and then a deployment (even though it was supposed to be a non-deployable assignment) our communication in the first few months of marriage was depressingly low.

I applied for a calling card and my husband was sent one. It wasn’t a lot of time but it was so appreciated. We are finding programs and apps to help with communication but during those early days, your phone card was such a blessing. Being a military spouse is harder than I ever could have imagined. I am very thankful for programs like yours that help ease the separation and loneliness. Thank you so much!” -Military Wife

September 16, 2015

Veteran Supporting Fellow Military Members Through The HUB

After completing a stretch in the Navy from 1998 to 2002, Andrew Johnson gravitated towards real estate. His grandfather had been a land developer for many years, and had no problem putting his grandson to work. He learned the business from the bottom up—from putting in sewer and water pipes to lot surveys and road paving. He did it all. And in 2004, he acquired his real estate license.

Over a decade later, Andrew recognizes that he was fortunate to discover his perfect career—a path strengthened in part by what he learned serving in the military. “The Navy helped me to understand a lot about myself—how I needed to operate in order to be successful in both career and life,” he says. “It also helped me to understand the basics of business. Be on time, for starters.”

Through perseverance and attention to detail, Andrew built a very successful real estate career, and in 2010, founded Touchstone Realty—an award-winning company with over 25 employees and a growing list of recognitions and achievements. “Starting Touchstone Realty is what really moved me forward,” he affirms. “I was able to learn how to get the best out of people—which in turn, produced the best out of me.”

Such a realization inevitably led to a new endeavor for Andrew—The HUB—a collaborative workspace concept in Martinsburg, WV, that provides professionals of every type an opportunity to engage in their own success while enjoying the freedom to network, explore ideas, and unwind in a shared environment.

The HUB is an innovative effort, so it should come as no surprise that Andrew is looking to market it through innovative channels. And with his latest promotional effort, he hopes to draw attention to both The HUB as well as Cell Phones For Soldiers.

“The military is very important to me; I know and understand what it’s like to be out in the middle of the world without any way to connect to your family,” he explains. “Family keeps you grounded. Our military members are all around the world these days, often doing very difficult things. When I found out about Cell Phones For Soldiers, I knew this was something I wanted to support—because I can relate.”

So, in an effort to endorse a recently finished promotional video for The HUB, Andrew created a social media campaign with a very basic collaborative concept. He encouraged each member of his audience to share the video ( on Facebook, as well as send a supporting email about the campaign to ten people in their email contacts list.

For every 10,000 views The HUB receives on Facebook, the business will donate $1,000 to Cell Phones For Soldiers—continuing to a maximum of $10,000 for 100,000 views. If the maximum goal is reached, Andrew and The HUB will provide over 5,000 hours of free talk time to military men and women around the world.

“It’s a dual-purpose effort representing two things that have a lot of meaning to me,” he emphasizes. “Of course I want The HUB to be a success, but to think that I can also provide American troops with a chance to speak with their loved ones, and find some gravity when they might be in a difficult situation a long way from home, fills me with a great sense of pride and purpose.”


Lease Advisors Gives Back: Helping Our Troops Stay Connected

Lease AdvisorsIn partnership with Lease Advisors, Cell Phones For Soldiers will make it possible for deployed, active US troops to stay connected with their family and friends stateside. The Lease Advisors donation of 300,000 minutes will allow troops on the ground in the Middle East and elsewhere to call home, ensuring loved ones of their wellbeing, and catching up with things at home.

As anyone serving our military can attest, there’s nothing like hearing the voices of the people you love — certainly when it has been months or more since last seeing them. There’s no dollar value that can be placed on knowing that your baby — perhaps one you haven’t even met yet — is thriving, smiling, and meeting milestones. Allowing husbands and wives to connect in this way gives them reprieve from the worries of war, even if only for precious moments.

When discussing the Lease Advisors partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers, CEO and founder of Lease Advisors, Jarred Saba noted, “We created Lease Advisors Community to have a positive impact at the local level, by giving back to the communities where we conduct business.  By partnering with Cell Phones For Soldiers, Lease Advisors is proud to be able to help our country’s servicemen and women stay connected with their loved ones.”

Saba’s commentary speaks to the opinions of many American military families and those who support them. But action, not words or yellow ribbons, are the true markers of commitment. Just as civilians may support causes like Wounded Warriors, and while many others volunteer to send troops care packages through a number of organizations nationwide, so to should the corporate entities of our nation be committed to the military and what they give us: freedom.

For Lease Advisors, Cell Phones For Soldiers was the clear choice, having already donated nearly 216 million free minutes of talk time for our active armed forces the world over. As much a need as it is a desire to catch up with families, studies suggest that keeping up with family is important for maintaining military morale, helping deployed servicepersons get through days that most of us cannot imagine enduring.

Lease Advisors, mission beyond this partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers has always been to serve the communities where they have a presence. Since 2013, Lease Advisors has had a positive impact on many local communities with the start of Lease Advisors Community Program. “Our Community Program is an integral component to our corporate philosophy of giving back to individuals and communities in need,” CEO Saba added.

We look forward to the cheer this program and partnership with Lease Advisors will bring the military families and servicemen and women who so richly deserve this connection to those they love. For more information please see the press release here

Fun Facts About e-Waste and How Recycling is the Remedy

Electronic -waste or e-waste refers to all electronic goods that end up in the garbage. E-waste is two percent of the waste found in all landfills in America.  The toxicity released from these discarded goods amounts to 70 percent of toxic waste in the country. Many e-waste items can easily be reused or recycled preventing this toxicity.

e-Waste Definition

The actual amount of e-waste on the planet is widely debatable due to the scope of the term’s definition. Some people consider appliances, like microwaves, as types of e-waste, while others claim that only more modern, technological items such as computers and cellular phones are considered waste. All of these items have the potential to be hazardous to the public. In some states, the cathode ray tubes in both computer monitors and televisions are listed as hazardous materials that should be handled with care.

Waste Amount

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, e-waste is the fastest-growing type of municipal waste in the United States. Every year, between 20 and 50 million tons of e-waste are dumped around the world. In the United States landfills alone, more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste was accumulated during 2000 alone. Although countries in Europe have introduced laws to eliminate e-waste, the United States is not alone in generating this massive amount of waste. In Hong Kong, 10 to 20 percent of computers end up in landfills as well. Many developed countries also violate international law by exporting their electronic discards to lesser developed nations.

Environmental and Health Impact

When e-waste breaks down over time several harmful chemicals are released in the air. Mercury, lead and cadmium are some of the particularly harmful heavy metals that end up in the atmosphere. Flame retardants and beryllium are also contaminants of concern. These toxic substances end up in the human food chain eventually, presenting alarming harms to the environment, animal and plant health, and human health. Some of the most dangerous items that emit these toxins include LCD displays from televisions, laptop and desktop computers. Plasma television sets and portable CD players are also among the top gadgets with the biggest environmental impact.

Recycling E -Waste

Although less than 13 percent of all e-waste is recycled, recycling can save an amazing amount of energy and resources. By recycling just one million cellular phones, 75 pounds of gold can be recovered. The same number of recycled cellular phones provides more than 35,000 pounds of copper, as well as more than 700 pounds of silver. When one million laptops are recycled, the energy saved is comparable to the electricity used in more than 3,000 homes in an entire year. VCRs, audio-visual equipment, stereos and other electronics are also recyclable.

Recycling e-waste is simple. Recycling a cell phone with Cell Phones for Soldiers will not only keep harmful materials out of landfills but will also help our troops call home. Most communities offer an electronic recycling program to residents. Contact your local government to find out about electronic recycling programs in your neighborhood. There are also office supply stores and online companies that offer recycling services.

Five Reasons to Donate your old Cell Phone to Support our Military Men and Women

Soldier calling home Every year, millions of cell phone owners recycle an old phone or simply dispose of the device in the trash. Others may sell it through a traditional buyback service. But unfortunately many phones are discarded yearly instead of owners considering to donate their old cell phones to charities supporting our servicemen and women. The truth is that donating old cell phones, even broken ones, requires little time and effort, and can make a difference in the lives of our troops abroad. Here are five great reasons to donate your cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

1. Help Give Free Communication

By donating old cell phones, you can help our troops abroad stay connected with loved ones at home. By relying on monetary donations and the proceeds from donated phones Cell Phones for Soldiers purchase international calling cards to send to our troops overseas. Since its inception in 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has provided military personnel with more than 192 million minutes of free talk time– all thanks to those who donate an old cell phone to this benevolent cause.

2. Make Families Happy

For every donated cell phone valued at five dollars, an estimated 2.5 hours of free talk time is provided to our active-duty servicemen and women. Donating to Cell Phones for Soldiers allows our troops and their families a chance to stay connected — a chance to say “I love you” or simply “I’m doing ok.” Hearing the voices of loved ones can truly be a source of happiness and gratification, one that most of us take for granted every day.

3. Make Money by Selling Your iPhone

You may also earn money by selling an old iPhone to Cell Phones for Soldiers. Depending on the condition and the model, you may expect to receive between $33 and $320 for the buyback of an old iPhone. Plus, each one sold to Cell Phones for Soldiers is tax deductible. So selling your iPhone to the Cell Phones for Soldiers buyback program, you get paid, qualify for a tax deduction and support our troops!

4. Help Preserve the Earth

A vast majority of unwanted cell phones are thrown into landfills every year. By recycling almost 11 million cell phones since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has helped eliminate more than five million pounds of eWaste from landfills.

5. It Feels Good

It is often said that the key to happiness is helping others. When people donate their cell phones to support our troops, they know that they have done “the right thing” by making a difference in the lives of our active-duty military and their families. “Doing good” feels good!

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