Give American service members and veterans a lifeline and our planet new life by recycling your used mobile devices and tablets

recycle cell phoneThis November 15, AMERICA RECYCLES DAY, your donation of a gently used cell phone, smart phone or tablet works to increase the quality of life of American troops and veterans, and the state of our environment.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency reports indicate e-waste is the fastest growing waste in the United States, and little more than 12% of E-waste is getting recycled.

We can change that this November 15, AMERICAN RECYCLES DAY.

Your powerful donation on this special day (and every day) of a gently used cell phone, smart phone or tablet to Cell Phones For Soldiers does triple duty: it decreases e-waste, increases conservation of precious metals and ensures a better quality of life for U.S. service members and returning veterans.

When you give, you reconnect troops and returning service men and women to their loved ones and their lives with talk time and emergency aid.

Your precious aid is literal, as well: according to the EPA, “Experts estimate that recycling 1 million cell phones can recover and conserve about 50 pounds of gold, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and more than 20,000 pounds of copper.”

Additionally, almost all parts of a mobile phone can recycled, saving the exploitation of natural resources for making new ones. The recycling and refurbishing processes consume less energy than new production and thus add directly to energy-saving measures. And careful processing of discarded mobile phones protects the environment from getting polluted.

Donate your tax-deductible mobile device or tablet, funds or give through our iPhone Buyback Program and rest assured knowing your generous donation is doing the necessary hard work to recycle valuable technology, reclaim valuable precious metals and reinvigorate the spirits of invaluable American heroes who appreciate your assistance each and every day.

Fighting For our Heroes

Military member saluting US national flag

Currently, one in seven homeless persons is a veteran which is a stat a Maryland-based veteran knows all too well.

A decorated U.S. Army staff sergeant who served two tours abroad experienced PTSD and other behavioral health issues upon reentry into civilian life. However, his road blocks didn’t end there; the veteran’s apartment building burned down at the same time he was notified his unemployment pay was ending. The veteran was left homeless for more than two months. He relied on his cell phone as he tried to secure employment to pay for a new place to live. When he could no longer afford to pay his cell phone bill, he knew he needed help.

Through his local Veteran’s Affairs office, he was referred to Cell Phones For Soldiers “Helping Heroes Home” program. After hearing of his hardship, the organization paid his cell phone bill and enabled the veteran to resume his job search.

Civilian life can be difficult for veterans to become reacquainted with which is why it is so imperative that we help those who have fought for our safety. Make a donation today to help our heroes by clicking here.

Marking Veterans Day 2014

veterans day

Nearly a century ago (on June 28, 1919), the Treaty of Versailles marked the end of WWI. However, seven months prior—on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month—fighting ceased when an armistice between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect.

Today, the anniversary of that day of armistice, Cell Phones For Soldiers and our partners honor the veterans who served in that war and those who continue to act to protect and serve the American people in campaigns throughout the world.

Today we offer our heartfelt thanks.

Lucas Caruso, Corporate Market Development officer of Pine Cellular, has been preparing for today. “Over the past three months,” he says, “we have been collecting old phones and other items for Phone for Soldiers. It’s an uplifting experience—customers travel all the way home then immediately come back with their bag full of phones. They come back to share the memories these old phones have instilled in them. Many time tears are shared as we realize the impact of what these old phones can do for our troops.”

“To every American soldier, I send to each of you the most sincere Thank You.”

Jennifer Jones, co-owner of Raising Canes Nebraska, agrees. She says, “To every American soldier, I send to each of you the most sincere Thank You. It’s because of your dedication, sacrifice and bravery that America is what it is today. From my family to yours, thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do every day.”

“Honor, Duty, Service. A veteran has the privilege to represent those values forever.”

Phillip Marandola, Marketing Manager of Tataway, speaks from experience when he notes the values that best describe to him what it means to be a service member: “Honor, Duty, Service. A veteran has the privilege to represent those values forever.”

“November is the month of THANKS. And we humbly thank you for your sacrifices and service.”

Jen Goncalves, Vocalist/Hip Kitty, appreciates Mr. Marandola’s expression and adds that gratefulness is key not only for Veterans Day but the whole of this month: “November is the month of THANKS,” she says. “And as a nation there is nothing to be more thankful for than our veterans. From past to present, our men and women of the Armed Forces, we humbly thank you for your sacrifices and service.”

“You provide the foundation of our security and liberty.”

Michael Preis, Palm Bay Vice President of Marketing, extends his thanks to every day: “Our veterans and their families should be celebrated and honored not just on Veteran’s Day but every day!” he says. “When I think about veterans, the adjectives that come to mind are traits like selflessness, loyalty, discipline, heroism and patriotic. These men and women have continued the tradition of service to our great nation and provide the foundation of our security and liberty.”

“You protect the freedoms families enjoy here at home.”

For Diane Gerstner, Executive Vice President of InTouch Credit Union, appreciating our nation’s veterans is something she has lifelong practice with. “Personally,” she says, “Veterans Day makes me think of my family. I grew up a military brat and my husband was in the Air Force. For me, I think of how this day honors our brave servicemen and women, as well as the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives overseas in order to protect the freedoms other families enjoy here at home.”

“You do and are what I can only aspire to be.”

And Shannon Minger-Horton, Marketing Coordinator, of Pak Mail, acknowledges the admiration she feels for the work our veterans do day in and day out. “Veterans,” she says, “are the people I am honored to know, am privileged to get a chance to work with. I appreciate them because they are people so completely committed to a desire to serve and protect that I can only have the utmost admiration for them. They do and are what I can only aspire to be.”

If you are a veteran in need, apply to our Helping Heroes Home Program for assistance. We also welcome you to support our Helping Heroes Home Program.

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