November 12, 2012

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September 26, 2012

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Helping Heroes Home


Bay Area Companies Join Forces to Rescue Old Phones

Cell Phones for Soldiers is very blessed by the support we receive from individuals, organizations and companies across the United States. For the past month we have enjoyed working with the California-based company, Lookout Mobile Security, and their Mobile Rescue Squad. We are pleased to share a blog they put together with the results of their recent Bay Area collection for the charity!

Last week, Lookout’s Mobile Rescue Squad took to the streets in pursuit of old, unwanted mobile phones – and we came back with a pile of them! Why you ask?

Troops abroad aren’t always able to call home for free, so we teamed up with Cell Phones for Soldiers to help our troops overseas connect with their families during the holidays. We weren’t alone in our efforts. Exciting Bay Area companies, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Hot Studio, Square, AirBnB, Pandora, Kiva, EA, Jawbone, Github all contributed to the cause by donating their old, unused phones.

This collaborative effort resulted in the donation of hundreds of phones, equating to 11,580 minutes of free talk time for U.S. troops abroad.

Minutes of free talktime donated

Cell Phones for Soldiers’ founders Brittany and Robbie Bergquist wanted to personally thank the Bay Area companies who participated in the phone drive.

August 1, 2012

Wisconsin Governor’s Event


Cell Phones for Soldiers Every Second Counts

In partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers, Capital One has launched “Every Second Counts“, a campaign that rewards customers’ use of its mobile banking application. For every new user login, Capital One will donate 60 seconds of talk time to our military members and an additional 10 seconds of talk time for particular mobile transactions. Capital One has set a goal to donate 6 million minutes to Cell Phones for Soldiers through this effort!

“The ‘Every Second Counts’ campaign provides a unique platform to promote our mobile capabilities while also providing support to a great organization,” said Patrick McLean, VP of brand strategy.

“We want to save our customers time and money. That’s what our mobile application does best,” explained Toby Russell, VP of Digital. “And, this holiday season we’re making every second count with a program that saves our customers time and gives our servicemen and women phone minutes to connect with loved ones.”

Expanding customer engagement through mobile 

Since Capital One’s partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers began three years ago, associates and customers together have donated more than 528,000 minutes to our troops and their families and kept more than 8,800 unwanted cell phones out of landfills. The phone collection and recycling program that began with associates was extended to Louisiana and Texas branches as a pilot with customers as part of Earth Day 2011.

Today, all Capital One branches are a donation drop-off point for customers to recycle gently-used mobile phones. Every phone collected equates to 60 minutes of talk time – and reduces the volume of items added to landfills, while preventing groundwater and landfill contamination with toxic substances like arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.Capital One is an e-Steward Enterprise, publicly committing to responsibly recycle all company-owned electronics and supporting non-profits that feel the same way.

Visit Every Second Counts campaign online to learn more information and a special thanks to Capital One for their ongoing support.

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