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Collection Box:

For the most economical collection campaign, use any box and affix the artwork below. We encourage you to decorate it with patriotic colors or flags for the biggest impact.

8 1/2" x 11"
(PDF, 750 kb)

8 1/2" x 11"
(PDF, 1.65 kb)

Insert your location’s logo, address and operating hours.

This official Cell Phones for Soldiers collection box also is available for use. To print this box, you will need to use a printer who has the capability to print on card stock.

12" x 12" x 12" - folded
(PDF, 628 kb)

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Fliers & Posters:

Print these useful fliers and posters to let people know your organization is an official drop-off location.


8 1/2" x 11"
(PDF, 750 kb)

Grab attention with an oversized poster. Posters can be printed at many copy shops or office supply stores such as FedEx Kinkos or Staples.


18" x 24"
(PDF, 3.97 mb)

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Internet Graphics

Does your organization have a website? Add these graphics and banner ads to promote your collection campaign!

Web Graphics

Four Color Logo
(PNG, 70 kb)

One Color Logo
(PNG, 68 kb)

Black and White logo
(PNG, 34 kb)

Web Banner Ads

(PNG, 66 kb)

(PNG, 65 kb)

(PNG, 57 kb)

Note: Link these banner ads to the Cell Phones for Soldiers website (

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Other Helpful Artwork

Promote your campaign with oversized banners and graphics for table drapes. Each version allows you to add your company logo or charity logo. To do so, open the PDF file in Adobe Illustrator.

Banners & Table Drapes:

36' x '72
(PDF, 68 kb)

36' x '72
(PDF, 260 kb)

6 ft
(PDF, 45 kb)

6 ft
(PDF, 25 kb)

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Donation Receipts:

It is up to the donor to declare the value of their donation. If you have made a donation to Cell Phones for Soldiers, please download and print off a donation receipt to keep for your records.

Donation ReceiptCPFS Donation Receipt
(PDF, 64.9 kb)

Feel free to make copies and hand them out to anyone that makes a donation to Cell Phones for Soldiers!

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News Information

Press Release

Download our Press Release Template to help your program grow to its full potential. Press releases should be sent to your local television, radio & newspaper outlets. Locations that get local media exposure are more successful than those that do not. Please be sure to include your drop-off location information in your press release.

For help with your press release please contact a member of our press team.

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Helpful Documents

The following documents may be helpful in creating and promoting a successful collection program.

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Copyright Information

All graphics and documents contained herein are copyright ©2009 Cell Phones for Soldiers. All rights are reserved. By downloading any of these documents or graphics, you agree to use them in conjunction with Cell Phones for Soldiers recycling drives only. By downloading these documents and graphics you confirm that you will not use them for fraudulent purposes. In using these documents and graphics, you agree that the phones collected will be sent only to recycling for Cell Phones for Soldiers. Any other use of this material is strictly prohibited.

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Tools for Volunteers, Donors and Collection Programs

Note: Most of these documents are stored as Adobe PDFs. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader, click here to download and install the free software.


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